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TCL SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M LED Backlight Strips (8)

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TCL 49S405LDAA 49S405TABA Tcl 49S405TACA Part Number: SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M/BL-M Manufacturer Part Number 1: TCL SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M Manufacturer Part Number 2: TCL SJ.SB.D4900401-3030BL-M Part Type: LED Light Strip Part Usage: LED/LCD Manufacturer Part Number: TCL SJ.SB.D4900401-3030BL-M|TCL SJ.SB.D4900401-3030BL-M|TCL SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M|TCL SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M Board Number: SJ.SB.D4900501-3030BR-M|SJ.SB.D4900401-3030BL-M|SJ-4C-LB4905|1.14.SWMD490002|1.14.SWMD490001| TOT 49 D2900 4X4 4X5 3030C D6T 2D1 B 5S1P| TOT 49 D2900 4X4 4X5 3030C D6T 2D1 A 4S1P Panel Number: LVU485ND1L|08-49D2900-LPN002A Substitute Parts: TCL_49D2900_5X4/TCL_49D2900_4X4| 006-P1K3527A

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