Samsung BN96-40099A/BN96-40100A LED Backlight Stri
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Samsung BN96-40099A/BN96-40100A LED Backlight Stri

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Please check board numbers to confirm you are ordering the correct part. Please refer to product description to ensure that this part will work with your brand model and version before purchasing. Sometimes parts will work for multiple brands and sizes. There can be multiple different parts that are substitutes and will work in place of the part you are looking for.

Please match your board numbers and TV model and version (if applicable) before ordering. Sending a picture to will help us confirm that you are ordering the correct part before placing your order. Please provide the TV model and version, main board number, and also attach a clear, close-up photo of the label on the back of your TV, and a clear, close-up photo of any white stickers on your original board, along with the original problem with your TV. This will help us ensure that you order the correct part for your TV.

UA55KU6000GXXP UA55KU6000KPXD UA55KU6000KXMR UA55KU6000KXXM UA55KU6000KXXS UA55KU6000KXXT UA55KU6000KXXV UA55KU6000SXNZ UA55KU6000WXXY UA55KU6000WXZW UA55KU6200JXXZ UA55KU6300JXXZ UA55KU6300JXZK UA55KU6310JXXZ UA55KU7000KXKE UA55KU7000KXLY UA55KU7000KXRQ UA55KU7000KXWT UA55KU7000KXXA UA55KU7000KXZN UA55KU7000RXEG UA55KU7000RXMM UA55KU7000RXTW UA55KU7000RXUM UA55KU7000WXMV UA55MU6100GXXP UA55MU6100KPXD UA55MU6100KXXM UA55MU6100KXXS UA55MU6100KXXT UA55MU6100KXXV UA55MU6100SXNZ UA55MU6100WXXY UA55MU6100WXZW UA55MU6103GXXP UA55MU6103KPXD UA55MU6103KXXT UA55MU6103KXXV UA55MU6103WXXY UA55MU6103WXZW UA55MU6300GXXP UA55MU6300JXXZ UA55MU6300JXZK UA55MU6300KPXD UA55MU6300KXMR UA55MU6300KXXM UA55MU6300KXXS UA55MU6300KXXT UA55MU6300KXXV UA55MU6300SXNZ UA55MU6300WXXY UA55MU6300WXZW UA55MU7000KXGH UA55MU7000KXKE UA55MU7000KXLY UA55MU7000KXRQ UA55MU7000KXWT UA55MU7000KXXA UA55MU7000KXZN UA55MU7000RXMM UA55MU7000RXTW UA55MU7000RXUM UA55MU7000SXEG UA55MU7000WXMV UA55MU7350KXKE UA55MU7350KXLY UA55MU7350KXRQ UA55MU7350KXWT UA55MU7350KXXA UA55MU7350KXZN UA55MU7350RXMM UA55MU7350RXTW UA55MU7350RXUM UA55MU7350SXEG UA55MU7350SXMV UA55MU7350WXMV UA55MU7351KXXA UE55KU6000KXXC UE55KU6000KXXU UE55KU6000KXZF UE55KU6000KXZT UE55KU6000UXCE UE55KU6000UXRU UE55KU6000UXUA UE55KU6000WXXH UE55KU6000WXXN UE55KU6020KXXU UE55KU6020KXZT UE55KU6020UXRU UE55KU6020WXXC UE55KU6020WXXN UE55KU6050KXZT UE55KU6070UXZF UE55KU6070UXZG UE55KU6072UXXH UE55KU6075UXXE UE55KU6079UXZG UE55KU6092UXXH UE55KU6095UXXE UE55KU6099UXZG UE55KU7000UXMI UE55KU7000UXSQ UE55KU7000UXTK UE55MU6100KXXU UE55MU6100KXZT UE55MU6100UXCE UE55MU6100UXRU UE55MU6100UXUA UE55MU6100WXXN UE55MU6102KXXH UE55MU6103UXUA UE55MU6105KXXC UE55MU6120KXXU UE55MU6120KXZT UE55MU6120WXXN UE55MU6122KXXH UE55MU6125KXXC UE55MU6125KXZT UE55MU6170UXZG UE55MU6172UXXH UE55MU6175UXXC UE55MU6179UXZG UE55MU6190UXZG UE55MU6192UXXH UE55MU6195UXXC UE55MU6199UXZG UE55MU7000UXMI UE55MU7000UXSQ UE55MU7000UXTK UE55MU7003UXSQ UN55KU6000FXZX UN55KU6000GXPE UN55KU6000GXUG UN55KU6000GXZD UN55KU6000GXZS UN55KU6000KXZL UN55KU6270FXZA UN55KU6270FXZC UN55KU6290FXZA BA03,BJ04,CJ05 UN55KU6290FXZC UN55KU6300FXZA BA03,CA02,CJ05,BJ04 UN55KU6300FXZC UN55KU630DFXZA UN55MU6071FXZA UN55MU6100FXZX UN55MU6100GCZE UN55MU6100GXPE UN55MU6100GXZB UN55MU6100GXZD UN55MU6100GXZS UN55MU6100KXZL UN55MU6100PXPA UN55MU6103FXZX UN55MU6103GXPE UN55MU6103GXZS UN55MU6103KXZL UN55MU6103PXPA UN55MU6290FXZA UN55MU6290FXZC UN55MU6300FXZA UN55MU6300FXZC UN55MU6300FXZX UN55MU6300GXPE UN55MU6300GXZB UN55MU6300GXZS UN55MU6303GXPE UN55MU630DFXZA UN55MU6350FXZX UN55MU6490FXZA UN55MU6490FXZC UN55MU6500FXZA ,CC06 UN55MU6500FXZC UN55MU650DFXZA Part Number: BN96-40099A/BN96-40100A Board Number: 40099A| 40100A| S_5U75_FL_R6_REV1.5|150514_LM41-00136A| S_5U75_55_FL_L8_REV1.5_150514_LM41-00135A Manufacturer Part Number 1: Samsung BN96-40099A Manufacturer Part Number 2: Samsung BN96-40100A Part Type: LED Light Strip Part Usage: LED/LCD TV Panel Manufacturer: Samsung Panel Number: CY-GK055HGHV5H Substitute Parts: BN96-39659A/BN96-39660A| BN96-40097A/BN96-40098A

All of our parts come from cracked screen tvs or tvs that were repaired and never picked up. They can not be considered new. They have been tested or refurbished and are in good working condition. Older parts come from working repaired televisions that were never picked up or from repair shops that went out of business and we purchased their inventory.

Circuit Boards for smart TV's may require a software update if the circuit board does not work properly after you install it. Please visit the manufacturer's support website for the latest software update instructions. Sometimes you must complete the software installation update multiple times before it is successfully uploaded.

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