Samsung BN96-38526A/BN96-38527A LED Backlight Stri
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Samsung BN96-38526A/BN96-38527A LED Backlight Stri

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Please check board numbers to confirm you are ordering the correct part. Please refer to product description to ensure that this part will work with your brand model and version before purchasing. Sometimes parts will work for multiple brands and sizes. There can be multiple different parts that are substitutes and will work in place of the part you are looking for.

Please match your board numbers and TV model and version (if applicable) before ordering. Sending a picture to will help us confirm that you are ordering the correct part before placing your order. Please provide the TV model and version, main board number, and also attach a clear, close-up photo of the label on the back of your TV, and a clear, close-up photo of any white stickers on your original board, along with the original problem with your TV. This will help us ensure that you order the correct part for your TV.

Samsung HG49NE470HFXZA HG49NE477HFXZA HG49NE478HFXZA HG49NF690GFXZA HG49NF693GFXZA HG50ND478SFXZA JY01 LH49DBJPDGC/XL LH49DBJPLGA/GO LH49DBJPLGC/EN LH49DBJPLGC/RU LH49DBJPLGC/XF LH49DCJPDGC/XL LH49DCJPLGA/GO LH49DCJPLGC/EN LH49DCJPLGC/RU LH49DCJPLGC/XY LH49DCJPLGV/ZD UA49J5200AKPXD UA49J5200AKXGH UA49J5200AKXKE UA49J5200AKXWT UA49J5200AKXXM UA49J5200AKXXS UA49J5200AKXXT UA49J5200AKXXV UA49J5200AKXZN UA49J5200ARXTW UA49J5200ARXUM UA49J5200ARXXA UA49J5200ARXXP UA49J5200ASXEG UA49J5200ASXMV UA49M5000AGXXP UA49M5000AKPXD UA49M5000AKXGH UA49M5000AKXKE UA49M5000AKXLY UA49M5000AKXXT UA49M5000AKXXV UA49M5000AKXZN UA49M5000ARLXL UA49M5000ARXTW UA49M5000ARXXA UA49M5000ASXEG UN49J5000AFXZA UN49J5000AFXZC UN49J5200AFXZP UN49J5200AFXZX UN49J5200AGXPE UN49J5200AGXZD UN49J5200AGXZS UN49J5200AHXPA UN49J5200AKXZL UN49M5000AGXZS UN49M5300AFXZA UN49M5300AFXZC UN49M530DAFXZA UN50J5000AFXZA DD02 UN50J5000BFXZA VA02 UN50J5200AFXZA DD02 Part Number: BN96-38526A/BN96-38527A Board Number: 38526A|38527A|LM41-00121V|LM41-00121W| S 5J52 50 FCOM 5 RIGHT REV1.0 150504| S 5J52 50 FCOM 5 LEFT REV1.0 150504 Manufacturer Part Number 1: Samsung BN96-38526A Manufacturer Part Number 2: Samsung BN96-38527A Part Type: LED Light Strip Part Usage: LED/LCD TV Panel Manufacturer: Samsung Panel Number: CY-JJ050BGAV1H|CY-JJ050BGAV1V

All of our parts come from cracked screen tvs or tvs that were repaired and never picked up. They can not be considered new. They have been tested or refurbished and are in good working condition. Older parts come from working repaired televisions that were never picked up or from repair shops that went out of business and we purchased their inventory.

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