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Phone Number: 704-584-7728 (Available weekdays excluding holidays, 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm EST)


Direct TV Parts recognizes diagnosing and repairing a TV may be a trial and error process. Please bear in mind that certain issues may be unrepairable and there is no "one size/solution fits all." We ask that you contact your local TV repair location for complete guidance and recommendations. Direct TV Parts cannot diagnose your TV remotely over the phone or via email as we do not have certified technicians on-call. Additionally, details are often missed or omitted creating incorrect recommendations. For these reasons, Direct TV Parts is not responsible for purchases of our boards under the belief they will be the final solution in repairing your TV.

Direct TV Parts requests you verify ALL details of the part you are ordering including Part Number, Board Number, and TV models listed. You must open the back of your TV to verify this information. NEVER ORDER BY TV MODEL NUMBER ALONE. We are unable to use your serial number to find parts.

In some listings, some numbers may not be present on your board, in which case we will notate in our listings when you may disregard this information. Additionally, in some cases, our TV model list may be INCOMPLETE as our list is based on publicly available and in-house knowledge of which parts can fit in certain TVs. If you have matched ALL part and board numbers as described in our listing, you may still continue the purchase.

Direct TV Parts offers free assistance in ensuring you are ordering the correct replacement part that will fit and/or work in your TV. Contact us by emailing with images of your original board you are intending to replace. Please make images clear and readable showing any attached stickers and any on-board numbers you believe may be important. This will allow our customer service representative give you the fastest response.

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